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Tumbarumba Blueberry Producers
134 Taradale Road,
Tumbarumba NSW 2653






Tumbarumba Blueberries was established to capitalise on the geographic location of the Tumbarumba region. Blueberries were first planted here in 1983; most of the original plants are still in the ground today, although expansion of the original planted area has taken place. We now have 36 hectares of blueberries on 2 farms; both are within 8 kilometres of the town of Tumbarumba and are accessed by good roads.

A large labour force is required in the harvest season, where up to 250 people are employed at any one time. The blueberry season runs from late December to early February.

Tumbarumba Blueberries focuses on producing high quality fresh blueberries. All fresh fruit is hand picked and hand packed, hence the need for a large number of people at harvest time. All fruit picked on any one day is packed and cooled on the same day. It is often consigned on the same day also; utmost care is taken to keep fruit as fresh as possible. Fresh blueberries are marketed in Australia, Asia and UK. Blueberries from Tumbarumba are sought after by all markets.

Some berries for the process market are harvested by a mechanical harvester.

The mild days and cool evenings at Tumbarumba means the blueberries grown there are of excellent quality and flavour. Tumbarumba is relatively isolated from other blueberry producers, as such it is comparatively free of pests and diseases, no pesticides are used.

All trees are irrigated, the water is runoff water from the local area, it is held in on farm dams, it is clean.

Quality assurance systems are in place with HACCP, WQA and AQIS Co-Regulation.

Tumbarumba Blueberries is part of BerryExchange (formerly Blueberry Farms of Australia) which in turn is part of CostaExchange, an Australian registered public company.  BerryExchange also has a large blueberry farm on the mid north coast of NSW.  The Corindi harvest season runs September/January.  For employment applications for Corindi, you can email employment.blueberry@costaexchange.com.au